Tarot, A Modern Guide


Tarot: A Modern Guide is a practical guide to the basics of the seventy-eight-card tarot, the most popular deck for self-development and divination. Its images stimulate us to explore the forces that shape our world and assist us in finding creative ways to resolve problems in our everyday lives. In itself, the tarot is not a solution, but learning the simple yet profound truth enshrined in the cards can help us adapt positively to life’s challenges. In ‘Part 1: The Tarot Deck’, each of the seventy-eight tarot cards is described, with its divinatory meanings to help guide your own unique journey. Useful cross references direct you to relevant pages in Part 2 and Part 3 of the book. ‘Part 2: Tarot Wisdom’ contains a collection of meditations, activities and exercises inspired by each of the twenty-two major cards. They include divination, magic and clairvoyance. Key activities feature as part of the twelve-month program offered in Part 3.

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