Meteorite (Mineral)


These small meteorite specimens are from the Sikhote-Alin fall. This meteor fell to earth in 1947, showering the Sikhote-Alin mountains. Every meteor is different in shape to all others. These are all natural, just as they fell to earth.
We do have other meteorites that are larger than these, from various falls. They are all individually priced on size and location where they were found. Until we can add them to our site please email us for more particulars.

Country of Origin: Eastern Siberia
Small:0.8 – 1.6gm
Medium:1.7 – 2.5gm
Large:3 – 3.8gm
XLarge:4 – 5gm
Metaphysical Properties: Meteorites are grounding. They widen awareness and help reveal past lives.

The price is for one piece