Crystals, A Modern Guide


Many cultures have cherished crystals for their inherent powers. Today, we use crystals personally as decoration, in jewellery, in our homes, as a focus for meditation, and to remind us of what is possible. All three parts of this book follow the same “rainbow” organization of crystals, starting with quartz then working through hues of black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, before ending with white and multicoloured stones. ‘Part One: Your Crystal Collection’ offers an overview of some of the most interesting and meaningful crystals on the planet, so that you can learn a little about their history and traditional meanings. ‘Part Two: Crystal Well-Being’ takes you on a personal journey of discovery, using the crystals as a guide to enlightenment about yourself, your hopes and wishes, and exploring potential ways to make them real. ‘Part Three: Your Crystal Year’ combines what you have learned in Parts One and Two to help you build on your knowledge and experience. Follow the suggestions for exercises and activities to help you adopt crystal healing as a way of life. Be inspired to work with crystals. Use this book to find ways to understand them and how they can influence your life.

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