Chakras, A Modern Guide


Chakras A Modern Guide
Today’s modern chakra practitioners focus on the seven major chakras, which they visualize as part of the subtle energy field, or aura, that swirls around us in rainbow colours, each chakra relating to a certain key part of the body. With modern-day concerns for optimum health and well-being, there is no doubt that the chakras have an important role to play in our physical, mental, personal and spiritual growth. Chakras: A Modern Guide contains many suggestions and tips for working with chakras. ‘Chakra Teaching’ introduces you to tried-and-tested concepts from a well-trodden wisdom path that is centuries old. ‘Chakra Well-Being’ is packed with practical things to do to balance your chakras: meditations and visualizations, healing techniques, yoga postures, colour breathing, partner exercises, crystals, herbs, and essential oils are all explained for you to try. ‘Your Chakra Year’ extends your knowledge and experience. Follow the suggestions for exercises and activities and introduce some of your own to help you adopt chakra well-being as a way of life. Connecting your world with the magical world of chakras will bring your body, mind, heart and spirit into a state of relaxed equilibrium and wellness.

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