Satyaloka Quartz (Crystal)


Satyaloka Quartz is the name given to various Quartz stones gathered around the Satyaloka monastery in southern India. It is thought that Satyaloka Quartz carries the vibration of spiritual enlightenment and is a tool for spreading enlightenment throughout the world.

Country of Origin: India
Size: approximately
Med: 30mm
Large: 40mm
XLarge: 45+mm
Metaphysical Properties: With it’s high frequency energy, Satyoloka Quartz has incredible healing abilities, produces a sense of deep inner peace and stillness and liberation from stress, to those who carry it. It purifies the thoughts, the aura and surrounding areas, aligns and activates the chakras, and will often give a deep and earth shaking connection to Supreme Consciousness, leading to tremendous personal growth, clarity and transformation.

The price is for one piece