Pyrite Cluster (Crystal)


Pyrite comes from several countries and often has a different appearance, depending on where it is found, but is always a metallic golden colour. It is often called Fools Gold. These crystal clusters from Peru are always very popular. These crystals are completely natural, they have not been cut, nor polished.

Country of Origin: Peru
Size: By weight, rather than dimension.
XSmall: 25mm – 28mm, 14gm-16gm
Small: 25mm-30mm, 20gm-28gm
Medium: 40mm-45mm, 64gm-66gm
Large: 45mm-50mm, 84gm-86gm
XLarge: 55mm-60mm, 110gm=120gm
XXLarge: 60mm, 132gm-138gm
Metaphysical Properties: Brings a positive outlook on life. Enhances brain functions.

The price is for one piece